In the modern world of interactive and customised displays and marketing gimmicks, consumers have become desensitised to normal methods of attracting their attention.  You can spend thousands of dollars on high tech and innovative displays but they are unfortunately ineffective unless you can get your potential client’s attention to come over and use and interact with them.

Traditional methods such as flyers, newspaper advertising and high impact signs are proving to be less and less effective as consumers are becoming more and more savvy. Due to this, new methods need to be explored and employed in order to reach your target market.

Enter Balloon Trees Australia. They are specialists in Indoor balloon displays and stands and can customise a display to suit your individual colour scheme, product or décor.  With hundreds of combinations and arrangements available, your indoor balloon displays will be as unique as you are.

These gorgeous displays are an instant eye catcher. Standing 2.4 metres high they immediately grab your potential customers attention and screams “look over here” inviting the customer to interact with whatever you are featuring.  Be it for use in a showroom, shop or even a restaurant, these indoor balloon displays are perfect for setting you apart from your competition and helping you to stand out.

Currently positioned at many locations around Australia including showrooms, car yards, carpet stores, chain restaurants and even specialist events and expos.  These displays are growing rapidly in popularity due to their high impact and cost effectiveness as well as being environmentally friendly. They can last for months and even years and require little to no maintenance making them the perfect addition to your marketing arsenal.

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