DuraBalloons are a Weatherproof Reusable Balloon Cluster Pole Kit – Helium Free Plastic Outdoor Balloons that suit most businesses.

Also known as Tuf-tex, BalloonBobber or Permashine.

Balloontree is the exclusive Australian Distributor of Outdoor Balloons – Australian owned and run by a small family business Balloontree Australia can ship your custom created Balloontree to your door step Australia wide.

Balloons are a great way to catch people’s attention and they can be a great addition to any storefront, open house, booth, or display. 

These permanent outdoor balloons are the only internally seamless air-filled permanent and reusable balloons on the market today.

Why use Balloontree?

  • Balloontree Outdoor Balloons will create lasting colorful attention and withstand nearly all inclement weather conditions.
  • With an average lifespan of 4-6 months, saying Goodbye to helium tanks and droopy balloons has never been easier.
  • Store and reuse our balloons over and over!
  • Our durable plastics prevent accidental air leakage, giving our customers the longest lasting balloons on the market.
  • Your Cluster Pole Kit is made to be used anywhere with our custom mounting options. The Ground Mount is great in any soft landscape.
  • By choosing our Helium Free products, you can finally eliminate the hassles of costly helium.
  • Save time and money by investing in reusable balloons for all of your indoor and outdoor advertising needs.

How will Balloontree Balloons help my business?

  • Indoor reusable balloons add excitement to your indoor sales floor or event, but with a professional and low maintenance look.
  • Outdoor reusable balloons promote an exciting environment for your upcoming sale or event, but won’t wilt fade or pop like the short lived traditional helium balloon will.
  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Highlights promotions and events
  • Drives foot traffic
  • Generates positive ROI
  • Withstands various weather conditions
  • Draw attention to your business’ grand opening or sale
  • Car dealership balloons are an ideal way to drive sales
  • Real estate: Are you preparing for an open house? These balloons are the perfect way to let your prospective buyers know the house is open
  • Amusement attractions are the epitome of fun

Our outdoor balloon kits are made with durable plastic balloons that retain their shine and color despite weather conditions. Reusable and sturdy, our helium-free balloons are engineered to stand the test of time and deliver great results.

A unique feature of reusable balloons is that they can be set up outdoors and will be resistant to wind, rain, and sun. Unlike traditional balloons, they don’t lose air after only a few days, and aren’t attached to strings or ribbons that are easily tangled in the wind.