Enhanced Outdoor and Indoor Balloon Displays

Long Lasting & Maintenance Free Balloon Displays, in Your Company Colours!

Helium Free –  Permanent

Car Yards –  Showrooms –  Car Washes –  Retail Outlets –  Food Trucks –  Real Estate Agents –  Open Houses –  Conferences – Weddings –  Parties – Festivals – Anywhere!

Permanent Outdoor Balloons

What is a Balloontree?

A Balloontree is a tree of colourful and vibrant permanent balloons that stands 2.4 metres high.

Also known as helium free balloons, reusable balloons, outdoor balloons, display balloons, showroom balloons, caryard balloons, balloon bobbers, vinyl balloons, events balloons. A definite and proven “HEAD TURNER” that makes you “STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD”. We at Balloontree Australia are very excited and proud to bring this quality product to the Australian marketplace. Please contact us should you require further information. The Team at Balloontree Australia


You can use Balloontrees inside your showroom to highlight your products and create a fun and magical experience for your customers. Or place them outside to draw your customers into your showroom or business from miles around.


Balloontrees are easy to assemble, highly durable and will last for months to years. See Video Below.


Balloontrees are a brilliant and cost-effective way to advertise your business or products to passing customers.


These Balloontrees are the original patented “BOBBERS” from the USA but have now been enhanced even further to create a rounder balloon with more of a solid colour that is superbly more vibrant. The other components have also been beefed up to make the tree a much more robust product with one piece moulded branches and a solid twist and click system.


The kit comprises of everything you need to assemble and install the Balloontree, we even throw in a “FREE” manual two-way hand pump. The kit also includes a ground stake and cap which enables you to install it outside in the ground. See kit below.


You can install the Balloontree by attaching it to a fence or post using a strap or piece of conduit in fact there are many ways to install Balloontrees. You can free stand the Balloontree by purchasing the metal powder coated “V” stand for inside your showroom or utilise the “V” stand to slip under a car tyre beit inside or outside your business.

Permanent Outdoor Balloons - Balloontree Australia
Balloontree Australia Colours

Balloontree Australia’s balloons are inspected and tested for 100% defect free quality!
The elastic material retains the balloons shape and offsets extreme temperature changes, perfect for outdoors. Offered in a wide selection of colors, our maximum fade resistance technology and easy inflation system makes this the next great innovation for getting your business noticed!

Balloontree Pricing

Purchase with confidence. If for any reason you are not happy with the product send it back to us and we will refund your money in full.

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