What better way to grab the attention of passers-by than with Permanent Balloon Displays!

If you are after a high-impact marketing tool that is budget-friendly and keeps on giving, you can’t go past permanent balloon displays from Balloontree Australia.

No doubt you’ve seen similar displays in the past, drawing your attention to businesses throughout Melbourne, but not all balloon displays are created equal.

We’ve got the low-down on what makes our permanent balloon displays the obvious choice for streetside advertising.

What is a Balloontree?

These showstoppers are known by a number of different names – helium free balloons, reusable balloons, outdoor balloons, display balloons, showroom balloons, balloon bobbers, and event balloons. Standing at 2.4m high, Balloontrees are colourful and eye-catching.

Permanent Balloon Displays

Balloontrees are Maintenance Free

Let’s lead with one of the most attractive features of Balloontree Australia products. They are absolutely hassle-free, which is ideal for busy store owners and staff. Put your time and energy into more important aspects of your business and opt for an advertising display that is easy to look after.

Balloontrees are Helium Free

The seemingly-harmless helium balloon is losing popularity, in part due to its environmental impact, but also because helium is a finite resource, and its source is diminishing as reserves are sold and used.

Helium, however, is not just for party supplies and non-essential use should be reconsidered. It is also used as a coolant in MRI scanners, and it is the 80:20 Helium and Oxygen mix that keeps deep sea divers alive in the murky depths of the ocean.

Wasting precious helium reserves on balloons just seems irresponsible now, doesn’t it?

Outdoor Balloons Melbourne

Balloontrees are Permanent

Disposable or temporary balloons are an ecological nightmare, being responsible for the deaths of countless animals and being an all-round environmental menace. By choosing permanent balloons, you are removing yourself from this destructive cycle.

Balloontrees are Durable and Fade-Resistant

Perfect for outdoor use as well as indoor, the technology behind Balloontrees sees them lasting from months up to years. Colours stay vibrant while the robust balloons keep on giving.

Permanent Balloon Displays

Balloontrees are Versatile

With many different installation methods possible, your permanent balloon display can free stand, be fastened to a fence or attached to a post. Chat with the Balloontree Australia team about the various ways to install your display, as well as accessories such as the metal powder-coated “V” stand.

Family-Owned Melbourne Business and Exclusive Supplier

When you choose Balloontree Australia, you are supporting a Melbourne family-owned and run business that also has exclusive rights in Australia to the brilliant technology behind the product.


Breathe life into your onsite advertising with permanent balloon displays. Contact Balloontree Australia today to order your head turning, eco-friendly, and customisable marketing balloons.


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