It’s not often that a pharmacy is seen as a bright beacon with a joyous street front – but why shouldn’t it be? Pharmacy balloontree advertising could be just the right answer!

Whether you want to encourage repeat business, or catch passers by while they are going about their day, pharmacy balloontree advertising is the quickest way to attract attention.

Pharmacy balloontree advertising brightens the outside of your establishment, drawing people in and helping them to feel safe, happy and warm. A pharmacy can be an intimidating place for some potential patrons. It can have associations with illness and intense, prescribed medications. Some people can feel nervous, embarrassed or even scared to engage in conversation with a pharmacist. Discussing health concerns can be daunting. Our balloontrees are the perfect solution for brightening your business and encouraging feelings of health and wellbeing!

The team at Balloontree Australia know that certain inflation methods of balloons pose an environmental threat. Helium balloons can travel great distances if they come loose in windy conditions, floating into the environment and out of anyone’s control. When released, balloons filled with helium can conduct electricity on their surface and potentially become intertwined in power lines.

Pharmacy Balloontree Advertising
Pharmacy Balloontree Advertising

If swallowed by marine life, traditional balloons can be very dangerous. Moreover, some balloons are made out of substances that are not biodegradable, and take a long time to naturally break down.

However, here at Balloontree Australia, we not only care about you our customers, we also care about the impact we are all having on the environment. Our balloons are long-lasting AND reusable, standing at a non-threatening 2 metres in height. They last anywhere from months to years, and are easy for you to set up. Thus, pharmacy balloontree advertising is a viable and simple outdoor marketing solution for any chemist.

All of our balloontrees are customisable and can be installed in a multitude of ways. A “V-stand” can be purchased, helping the balloons stand tall outside of your business’ doors. They are made of an elastic material, which is ideal for outdoor conditions. The material retains its shape extremely well and is unlikely to change despite oscillation in temperature. Put one of our balloontrees outside of your pharmacy, and you will attract new customers for extended periods of time absolutely effortlessly!

Balloontrees could make a bright, engaging statement for your business. For more inspiration, check out our online gallery, or contact us via our website or Facebook.